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In 2015, young people showed up at the polls in the highest numbers in a generation. We’re here, we care about the future of this province, and on May 9th, we’re telling BC: count on our vote.

The Alliance of BC Students’ Count on our Vote Campaign aims to break down barriers that young people face when trying to vote. We recognize that lower voter turnout numbers have traditionally been the result of a range of barriers. Many of these barriers could be eased if Elections BC and the political parties supported young people the way they support older British Columbians - but they don’t. Young people are less likely to get mail, are often unregistered, get far fewer phone calls, and have to travel to inconvenient polling stations - all while learning about candidates, the electoral process, and juggling classes, work, and often major life transitions. Through this campaign, we aim to empower thousands of young people across the province to vote, and let British Columbians know that they can count on our voice being heard.